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HabitatNRV Women Build: A Guide to Empowerment

Habitat NRV was honored to welcome volunteers for our first Women Build since 2018 on Saturday, July 22nd. Our crew mobilized two groups of women to learn new skills and help neighbors improve their living conditions in the New River Valley in an inclusive and collaborative atmosphere.

The idea for the first Women Build was formed in 1997, as part of the Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project. U.S. first lady Hillary Clinton, Kentucky first lady Libby Jones, and Oklahoma first lady Cathy Keating participated in a Women Build referred to as “Habitat’s First Ladies Build.” Habitat International officially adopted Women Build as a global initiative for women to serve and learn in 1998. Since then, over 144,000 people have volunteered on Women Build projects and teams have completed over 5,700 builds and repairs in communities across the US.

Habitat Women Build Events are dedicated to empowering women to fight inequalities while providing the opportunity to serve each other. Women and children make up most Habitat neighborhood populations, as they are the most likely to be affected by poor living conditions. When purchasing homes, single women pay approximately 1- 2% more than single men and receive 2- 3% less when selling.

At Habitat NRV we know homeownership is the most effective way to stabilize finances, build equity, and create generational wealth for women. We are thrilled to be a part of this global initiative that brings awareness to the injustices women continue to face and are looking forward to bringing the NRV together by having even more Women Build events in the near future!

Check out our Women Build photo gallery here:

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