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Welcome New Volunteer!

Our volunteers are the heart of our organization. You chose to be here and we are grateful to have you! Volunteering can be a rewarding and overwhelming experience. Don't worry! You are in good hands. You don't need any prior experience to help. We welcome all skill levels and never require you to do any work that you're not comfortable doing. 

To help get you started, follow these steps: 
1. Register through VolunteerUp. Each volunteer needs to do this in order
to access our Volunteer Schedule. Click
here to register now.

2. Complete Training. On our training page you will need to follow the
directions to 
complete the recommended courses and pass the quiz at
the end. Your certification for each course is sent directly to the Habitat
Affiliate you choose. Be sure to select Habitat for Humanity of the NRV.

3. Schedule your volunteer time. Now you are ready to volunteer! Select
a timeframe that best suites you using our scheduler. 

4. Dress for the job. Before arriving on the day of, check What to Wear to
ensure you will be cool, comfortable, and safe for the work you will be performing. 

Have questions? Feel free to reach out to us at
See you soon!

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