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Board of Directors

Holly Lesko, Chair 

Steve Jones, Vice Chair

James Rakes, Treasurer

Dr. Annie Pearce, Member

Brandon Patton, Member

Deanna Flora, Member

Don Mullins, Member/ ReStore Chair

Crystal Hollins, Member

John Ross, Member

Joshua Webb, Member

Josh Wimmer, Member

Linda DeVito, Member​

Mary Ann Bonadeo, Member/Development Chair 

Patrick Doan, Member/VT Chapter


Travis Folden, Member

Larry Day, Ex Officio Member/ Construction Chair

Tom Sherman, Ex Officio Member/ Family Services 



  • Finance: Develop budget, monitor financial statements, review financial controls, ensure compliance. Activities include: oversee the preparation of the annual budget and financial statements, administration, collection, and disbursement of the financial resources of the organization. Advise the board with respect to making significant financial decisions. Understand the systems of internal controls, including ensuring compliance by management with applicable policies and procedures and risk management.


  • ReStore: Advise and support the home improvement thrift store (and primary fundraiser). Activities include: Researching best practices, infrastructure enhancement, fiscal oversight including monthly ReStore P&L review.

  • Construction: Develop a construction plan and implement across all programs. (This includes new home construction, technical school construction, critical repair) Activities include: Identifying the locations and house plans for specific site and family. Budgeting of build, evaluating bids, and supervision of construction project manager (with ED). Act as Team Leaders during builds, creating a culture of safety on job sites and encouraging skill development. Communicate issues during builds and encourage problem-solving. Assist with inventory and maintenance.


  • Family Services: Develop and implement criteria for selecting and supporting partner families. Activities: development and implementation of orientation program for applicants, screening applicants, interviewing prospective families, recommending families for approval, ensuring partner families meet expectations, mentor new home owners.

  • Resource Development Committee Members assist with all outreach and development efforts for the purpose of fundraising. Members help with events planning and implementation, creating the annual development plan, participating in development initiatives, and work alongside the Resource Development Director to determine best practices. 

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