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Homes On Newtown Road, Floyd

Safe, affordable housing options for low- to moderate-income families living in Floyd County are scarce, and homeownership opportunities are virtually non-existent. Habitat for Humanity began addressing these needs in 2017, by building a single-family home on Newtown Road (pictured left). This house was built for a family who needed a zero-step entry way and single floor living.​ During that same year, the Floyd Initiative for Safe Housing was established by local volunteers. Habitat NRV and FISH began an immediate partnership as they worked toward the same mission- to provide repairs that allow county residents to live in safe, warm, and dry conditions.

This is a photograph of our most recent project-The Homes on Church Street.

Habitat for Humanity plans to replicate this award-winning project on New Town Road in Floyd County. The Homes on Church St in Blacksburg VA is a seven-unit townhome complex with two ADA-accessible units. It was completed in September 2020 and was recognized as the Outstanding Rural Housing Development in the state by VHDA.

The Newtown project site is within walking distance of downtown Floyd. Each of the seven townhomes will have zero-step entry, and four will have a bed and full-bath on the 1st floor, for family members who need those accommodations.

These homes will have three bedrooms and 2.5 baths​. All will be Earth Craft certified-which means they are energy-efficient and will save the homeowner up 30% on their energy bill, compared to standard construction. They will have solid wood cabinets, composite flooring, and low VOC paint. These homes are set to sell for $135,000 to $140,000. ​We plan to break ground on this project in late July 2021 and it will be complete in the Fall of 2022.

Are You A Floyd Resident Interested In Applying?

Click the button below to go to our Homebuyer Page where you can read about the qualifications and how to apply for our Homebuyer Program.

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